Ballast Tank Contents Probe

The Submertec ballast contents system has been designed for use on passenger carrying leisure submarines and provides a clear display to the pilot showing tank water contents in both bar graph and digital form.

 A probe assembly in each of the ballast tanks detects the level of water by means of a magnetic float which activates a series of reed switches within the probe tube.

 If necessary, installation and maintenance of the tank probes can be carried out while the submarine is still in the water as each probe screws directly into the tank, with underwater mateable plugs for the electrical connection.

A new version of the Submertec Ballast Contents Probe has been developed which may be of interest to new and existing customers.

The original circuit board has now been replaced by a new design that incorporates surface mount reed switches in a pattern that improves performance and reduces dead space at each end of the probe. 

New circuit boards are interchangeable with the original probes although it is necessary to fit the new float version to match the reed switch layout.

Operation of the new circuit is identical to the original so it is fully interchangeable in any systems previously supplied by Submertec.

Circuit board component values are calculated to provide an output proportional to tank volume regardless of shape and the 4-20mA two wire signal is almost immune to interference.

Several alternative probe bodies have been developed to meet the needs of different installations and underwater connectors can be chosen as required.  



Diameter of Tube 20mm (Same all versions)
Overall length As required-no reasonable limit.
Output 4-20mA current loop
Tank Fitting-Bolted 4 off M5 screws into top surface
- Size 66mm diameter by 30mm long
Tank Fitting-Screw in 2 inch NPT
- Size 63mm diameter (excluding hex) by 87mm long
- Float 52 diameter by 53mm long
Probe Material 316 Stainless Steel

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