Model HH-AF1 Handheld Underwater Camera

This camera has been developed as a video pointer to allow items of interest in an aquarium to be highlighted to visitors during demonstrations.

Public Aquaria and Zoos can use the camera in touch pools or rock pools to educate and enhance the experience for visitors.

Corals, anemones, crustaceans, fish etc can be viewed in close up detail and the fully automatic lens will maintain pin sharp focus right up to a few centimetres from the viewport.

See detail on screen better than the naked eye!

Being only 58mm in diameter the camera fits comfortably into the hand and a small notch machined into the upper surface fits naturally under the thumb to indicate top for picture alignment without having to look at the screen.

Camera operation is from a safe low voltage dc supply and power requirements are small enough to allow operation from a battery pack if preferred.

The camera is supplied complete with short underwater cable and a small junction box for connection of the power supply and coaxial lead to the video monitor.

All external parts have a hard black anodised finish for intermittent service in seawater and the only maintenance required is to wash in fresh water at the end of each day. The Model HH-DEP1 Deployment Pole is available for use with this camera.  



Dimensions 58 mm dia x 95 mm long (2.3 x 3.75 in)
Weight 305 gm (11 oz)
Depth Rating 5 Metres (15 feet)
Camera 460 TV lines. 1 Lux min light.
Lens 4.2mm f1.8 with fully automatic focus.
Power Supply 9-12 volts dc 1.6 watts
Option PAL or NTSC

Pivoting arm installation at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco Pivoting arm installation at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

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