Spyball Model SC-HW Hard Wired Multi System


The new Hard Wired multi Spyball system is a development from the Digital Radio System, using cable connection rather than radio on sites where radio interference may be a problem.

Up to 32 Spyball underwater cameras (more on request) can be remotely controlled at distances in excess of 400 metres and pictures from 4 cameras displayed simultaneously.

Spyballs are connected to a Remote Transceiver at each cage and linked in groups of 8 to one of 4 Distribution boxes each of which has a single cable back to the control location.

The Multi Camera Control Unit communicates with all Remote Transceivers on site and any one from each group selected by the operator will send video pictures together with Spyball Depth data back to the control room.

Large bright LED displays clearly indicate which cages are selected and the proportional joystick can be used to control camera pan and tilt movement as required.

Control of cage mounted winches can be used to change Spyball depth and a display on the panel shows current Depth in metres. A single button press switches between Spyball and Surface Camera pictures.

Wet mateable underwater connectors on the Remote Transceivers are provided for connection to the Distribution box, Spyball camera, depth control Winch and Surface Camera.

A bright LED display on the front of the unit shows the communication status and the preset cage number When units are moved between cages the preset can easily be changed (in the range 1 to 97) using the wireless handheld remote keypad (yes - it floats!).

Units can be supplied with internal power supplies for operation from 12 volts dc, 95 to 250 volts ac or both. (option to be specified with order).

This system now has the added options of a surface mounted fixed camera and remote control Spyball depth control cable reel.

A small but powerful winch mounted below the Remote Transceiver allows the operator to change the depth of the Spyball using buttons on the control panel. This allows optimum positioning during feeding and also periodic inspection of the cage at any level.    

  • Display from 4 Spyballs simultaneously.
  • Proportional control of pan and tilt using joystick.
  • Optional second camera at each cage with simple swap between pictures at controller.
  • Operation with monochrome or colour Spyballs.
  • Spyball Depth Control Cable Reel option.
  • Spyball Depth display option.
  • Operation with monochrome or colour Spyballs.



Dimensions - Control Panel 340mm wide, 166mm deep, 65mm high (excl joystick)
Control Unit Power 12 volt dc - AC adaptor supplied
Dimensions - Remote Txr 360mm high, 160mm wide, 90mm deep (excl connectors)
Remote Transceiver Power Options: 12 volt dc or 95 to 250 volts AC
Control Type Bi-directional RS485 via cable
Video Long line amplifier fitted at each distribution box for cable transmission to control location


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