SS-CPI Inspection Super Spyball Control Unit - DISCONTINUED

Although still available and fully supported it is now superceeded by the new SS-CPI2 version with full 1080p video recording and 1920x1080 still photographs.


SS-CPI Inspection Super Spyball Control Unit

Portable Control Unit Model SS-CPI is the original Inspection controller for CVBS (Composite) video Super Spyballs.

Weighing only 11Kg and housed in a durable yellow Polypropylene case, this unit which operates from 100 to 240 volts AC, provides control, display, recording and video outputs from the Inspection Super Spyball.

The 15 inch TFT colour LCD display mounted in the case lid behind scratch resistant Polycarbonate window displays a clear and bright image from the Spyball camera even in bright sunlight.

· Digital Video Recorder

· Record Still Photos during record or playback

· Video Text overlay using USB Keyboard

· Store unlimited pages of text for overlay

· Date and Time overlay

· Audio input for Microphone

· Built in audio playback speaker.

· Composite video output

· Joystick for proportional control of camera angle

· Option for GPS sensor and on screen position display

A Digital Video Recorder developed by Submertec saves up to 100 hours of best quality  video and still photo files to the built in Solid State Drive with simultaneous export to USB memory. (up to 700 hours at lower quality)

DVR Menu controls are provided for playback, export from SSD, delete, file name, file number, record quality, date & time format etc. (menu displayed in English, French or Spanish)

Spyball control includes variable intensity LED lighting and Iaser Control.

Dedicated context sensitive menu display giving access to special functions such as invert joystick direction, set movement limits and display camera identification etc.

Panel facias are durable, wipe clean Polycarbonate membranes with control buttons and indicators clearly marked and logically grouped for ease of operation.


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