SEASPY Model SSE Underwater Video Control Unit - OUT OF PRODUCTION

NOTE: This item is now out of production and superceeded by the new SS-HDI control unit which can operate with a variety of composite or HD cameras. Recording 1080p HD video and 1920 x 1080 jpg photos.

Weighing only 10.6 Kg and housed in a durable yellow Polypropylene case, this unit provides the ultimate in portable controllers for our Seaspy underwater video cameras and lights.

  • 15 inch Sunlight Viewable Colour LCD Display
  • Digital Video Recorder—Internal SSD & External USB
  • Record Still Photos during record or playback
  • Video Text overlay using USB Keyboard
  • Store unlimited pages of text for overlay
  • Date and Time overlay
  • Audio input for Microphone
  • Built in audio playback speaker.
  • Composite video output
  • Controls for Camera focus & Power
  • 100 Watt variable intensity Halogen light supply
  • Option for variable current LED light supply (equivalent to 250 Watt Halogen)
  • Weatherproof when closed.

The 15 inch colour display mounted in the case lid behind a scratch resistant Polycarbonate window displays a clear and bright image from our Seaspy cameras even in bright sunlight. Panel facias are durable, wipe clean Polycarbonate membranes with control buttons and indicators clearly marked and logically grouped for ease of operation.

A new Digital Video Recorder developed by Submertec saves up to 100 hours of best quality video and still photo files to the built in Solid State Drive with simultaneous export to USB memory. (up to 700 hours at lower quality) Menu controls are provided for playback, export from SSD, delete, file name, file number, record quality, date / time format etc. The DVR and Text menu system can be displayed in English, French or Spanish with other languages added as an option.

Variable intensity light control is provided for use with 24 volt lights of up to 100 Watts and provision has been made to preset the maximum voltage to suit different cable lengths.

The variable intensity LED light version has presets for use with different power LED lights.

The new Submertec UVL-3 LED Underwater Video Light offers a light output equivalent to 250 Watts of Halogen light which saves power and also enables use of very long underwater cables.



Dimensions 490mm wide, 394mm deep and 190mm high (when closed)
Weight 10.6Kg (23.4lb)
Power Supply 95 to 250 volts AC at 3 Amps
Display 15in sunlight viewable colour active matrix TFT LCD
Controls Camera power, focus, light intensity, DVR, Text & Display
Light Supply For 24 volt 100 Watt lamps – cable compensation up to 30v Option for LED Light control
DVR Files Record AVI and JPG files to SSD & USB storage
DVR Storage Built in 240GB SSD. Option for larger capacity
Outputs 138 degrees


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