Spyball SB25 Cables

Spyball cable is manufactured to Submertec specifications and has proved to be very durable over many years of service. The cable incorporates a 300 Kg strain relief and has an outer jacket of green Polyurethane to a diameter of approx 13.5mm.

Spyball SB25 cables have the following connectors fitted:

  • Subsea end - This has a Seacon OM-8F wet mateable connector moulded directly to the cable for connection to the Spyball.
  • Surface end - this has a 10 pin Amphenol  97-3106-18-1P connector fitted to the cable which is not waterproof and will be used where the controller is not subject to wet conditions.

NOTE: The surface end Amphenol connector is NOT waterproof and this end of the cable must remain dry at all times.  The subsea end of the cable is completely waterproof and can be fully immersed in water for indefinite periods.

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