Spyball Model SB-CZ - 10x Zoom

Submertec`s revolutionary Spyball combines a remote control underwater video camera with pan and tilt unit in one compact assembly that can rotate to look in any direction - without restriction.

This Spyball version is fitted with a high resolution colour video camera and 10X optical zoom lens for use in a range of applications where ambient lighting is adequate and picture quality is of prime importance.

Being only 160mm in diameter and with a smooth spherical body, the Spyball can be safely installed into areas with delicate inhabitants, fast flowing water or areas where entanglement is a hazard.

Variable speed pan and tilt, automatic or manual focus and two speed power zoom are all controlled remotely from one of a range of control units.

The Spyball can be mounted in any orientation, above or below water, making it ideal for use in hostile environments where extreme durability and corrosion resistance is essential.

Installation in Marine Aquaria and Zoos provide a unique interactive experience for the public and this has proved to be very popular with both children and adults.

Other uses are only limited by your imagination - fixed under luxury yachts to view marine life and divers while at anchor in exotic locations or even as a periscope camera on leisure submarines.

Apart from direct suspension on its cable, a number of deployment options and mounting arrangements are available including, flange mounts, tube fittings and telescopic Carbon Fibre poles up to 7 Metres long.

Please refer to the the Spyball Deployment section for mounting and deployment options.

All external Spyball parts are machined from solid Aluminium Bronze or Acetal Co-Polymer to ensure long and corrosion free service in seawater to depths of over 300 metres. Spyballs have been pressure tested to 700 Metres without failure.

A version with no external metal parts is available for use in sensitive marine environments or for permanent immersion in seawater.


Dimensions 160mm diameter. (6.3 inches)
Weight 3.4Kg (7.5lb) in air 1.2Kg (2.7lb) in water
Depth Rating 300 Metres (1000 feet)
Movement 360 degree both axis-variable speed
Camera 460 TV lines. 1 Lux min light
Lens 10X zoom with close focus ability
Option PAL or NTSC

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