Spyball Model SCAP – AC Portable Control Unit

Weighing less than 11 Kg and housed in a rugged, Plastic Pelicase, this unit provides a very simple way of using the Spyball in remote or difficult to access locations but where an AC supply (or battery Inverter) is available.

  • Very portable
  • Panel sealed against accidental splashes
  • 15 inch Monitor—Fully sunlight viewable!
  • Output for external Video Recorder
  • Input from external Video Source
  • Joystick Control for Spyball
  • Wet Mateable Connector for Spyball Cable
  • Operation from 110 to 240 VAC
  • Option for Inspection Spyball controls

A 15 inch video display mounted behind a scratch resistant Polycarbonate window displays a clear and bright image from the Spyball camera.

The very rugged joystick gives proportional control of the Spyball to allow smooth speed control of pan and tilt movement.

Connections are provided to allow an external video monitor or recorder to be connected with playback to the display.

Controls can be provided for use with any Spyball version.

The SCAP-I version illustrated has controls for operation of an Inspection Spyball model SBCI with functions including zoom, focus, LEDs and Lasers.

A battery portable version model SCBP is available for use where operation in adverse weather is required and the AC supply would become a safety issue.



Dimensions 490mm wide, 394mm deep and 190mm high (when closed)
Weight 10.5Kg
Power Supply 110 to 240 VAC / 3A at 50 or 60 Hz
Display 15in sunlight viewable colour active matrix TFT LCD
Controls Joystick, Video in / out, Power on / off
Control options Zoom, Focus, LEDs, LED intensity, Lasers & Iris
Connector 8 pin Seacon or Impulse wet mateable to Spyball cable
Video PAL or NTSC Composite Video out or in via BNC connectors

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