Submertec have been designing and supplying equipment for underwater inspection since 1990 and have a proven track record of long term reliability.

Our Spyball Pan & Tilt cameras have become widely used for inspection above and below water to simplify inspection in many areas, saving valuable time and money.

The Super Spyball is a completely new development that builds on the success of the original version but with significant changes to enhance performance, reliability and functionality. (They are NOT interchangeable)

The SSB-HDI Inspection Spyball  is now available with the new SS-CPI-2 control unit which features integrated 1080p HD DVR, 1920x1080 still photos and 17.3” wide screen sunlight viewable display.

Inspection Super Spyball model SSB-I combined with the SS-CPI Inspection Control Unit is still available and supported but has largely been superceeded by the HD version.

Seaspy DHC-5  camera is small and robust enough for general purpose use including mounting to a Divers Helmet Camera.

The HD-FC camera is the same size as the DHC5 but with 1080p HD video and wide angle lens.

HD-CZ camera provides 720p or 1080p HD video with 10x optical zoom over cables exceeding 200m. 

UVL-3 Ultra Bright LED Videolight is available for new or existing systems to give greatly increased light output for less power.

Control units include the desktop or rack mountable Seaspy model B4 and the Seaspy model SSE Control unit with built in Digital Video Recorder and Typewriter.

High accuracy underwater depth measurement can be carried out using the Digital Depth Meter or for multiple measurements the Multi Digital Depth Meter. These can be used by diver or fixed to equipment for pipeline laying, template installation etc.  

These are some of the more commonly used items for Inspection but there may be other items not mentioned above that are more suitable for your particular application. Please browse in the Products section or use the sitemap if you know what you are looking for. We will of course be pleased to help if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

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